NIC Employment Allowance from April 2014

Key Features Employers are required to make secondary Class 1 national insurance contributions (NICs) for their employees. From April 2014 every UK business will be allowed an annual employment allowance of £2,000 to offset against their employer NIC liability. This...

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Expanding to the UK: Taxes Your Business Will Face

Many companies are migrating to Britain and especially London to take advantage of the resources available to businesses. London has long been established as leading centre for banking and finance and with the emergence of tech city it is fast becoming...

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IR35: Calling All Contractors

IR35 was a piece of legislation brought in by HMRC 12 years ago in an attempt to tackle tax and National Insurance avoidance schemes through the use of intermediaries such as partnerships or companies.  HMRC’s view was that a large number of IT Consultants,...

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