About Us

Numbergeek is a member firm of the ICAEW, the largest professional body of accountants in the UK

Founder’s Statement:

“I realise that not too many business owners get excited about doing their books or filing tax returns so I have structured the practice to focus on what you do care about, which in most cases is tax efficiency, getting things turned around quickly and value for money.”

Chris Neophytou’s accounting career started in 1995 with a summer job, working for his father’s builders merchant. In 2005, following several years of working in practice with small businesses, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He then went on to apply this knowledge as the finance officer of a venture capital fund investing early stage companies.

In 2008, he decided to use his acquired experience to establish this practice serving the media and technology arena. Numbergeek has gone on to become a patron of London’s creative and digital movement and counts itself amongst the Digital Shoreditch Shareholders.