Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

R&D tax credits and the Patent Box

Companies investing in groundbreaking ideas can receive generous tax relief. We can help you to assess and compile a Research and Development tax credit claim or to apply the Patent Box.

EMI share schemes

We understand the stiff competition faced in digital recruitment and the addition of a share scheme to an employee package can make the difference for affordable business critical hires. Share schemes can offer a tax efficient method of leveraging locked in business capital to reward key employees.


We can help you prepare for seed investment and can help you assess your SEIS/EIS eligibility, provide a valuation methodology to arrive at a sensible funding offering and provide credible financials for investors.

VAT advice

We will help you to decide if you should register for VAT, we can support you on how to deal with cross-border sales and we can also advise on the suitability of the VAT flat rate scheme and the pitfalls.

Salary vs dividends

We will help you to understand the implications of taking salary vs dividends and we will advise you on how this applies for the company’s set-up.

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